Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 4 – Key Technology Platforms

Key Technology Platforms From Employee Collaboration Tools to Cloud-Based Systems For more than a decade our company has worked remotely.  Our clients  live in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  “Remote work” is a way of life for us and our clients.  However, we’re aware that most employees still go into an office. Writing a set […]

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 3 – Flexibility and Adaptability

The Importance of Flexibility and Adaptability: Playing to Remote Work’s Strengths Instead of Caving to its Weaknesses Here at Alliances Management, our entire U.S. and international workforce has been working remotely since 2006.  For some perspective, that was before the launch of the iPhone and the boom of easy, continuous connectivity.  Suffice to say we […]


Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 2 – Childcare

Working from Home & Childcare Hand Signals, Help, and Being Free Solo We’ve all seen it – the professor masterfully navigating an interview while his children waltz into his office making an unwelcome guest appearance on a live international news program. I’ve watched it a million times and may watch it a million more – It. Never. Gets. Old. It’s comedy gold, but for […]

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 1 – It’s Initially Disorienting

Working from Home: It’s Initially Disorienting Tips for Employers on Successfully Transitioning to Remote Work If you’re an employer concerned about the spread of COVID-19, you’re likely encouraging your staff to work from home.  The Internet abounds with articles espousing the benefits of remote work: increased productivity, heightened employee engagement, improved morale, etc.  As COO […]

Starting a Technical Association – Video

In this video, we explain how Alliances Management can assist clients interested in launching a new technical association.