Your Association-Better

Your Association—Better: Client Testimonials

Alliances Management has recently produced several videos that highlight different parts of the company. Our latest video showcases snippets of interviews with three clients from some of the world’s leading technology associations.

The video begins with Philippe Martineau, Chairman of the Board of the OSPT Alliance, who describes how Alliances Management helped them identify additional aspects of managing their association that weren’t apparent at the beginning of the partnership. Speaking of Alliances Management, he said, “You didn’t just come to do what we asked you to. You actually came and brought much more than we anticipated.” He also mentioned that, in terms of contribution, Alliances Management “over-exceeded” their objectives.

Another testimony featured in the video comes from Christina Hulka, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer with the FIDO Alliance, who speaks highly of the partnership between FIDO Alliance and Alliances Management staff. She noted the flexibility, ability to work as part of the team, and availability of the staff at all hours of the day. “The quality of their work is also incredibly good,” she added. “They have a ton of commitment… They’re always available. They’re really great advocates for the technology as well as participating on the staff and being part of the team.”

And finally, Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, focused his comments on the strategic aspect provided by Alliances Management. He also spoke of the quality work and ongoing support of the Alliances Management team and explained: “When our Board gets together and we have meetings to discuss, long-term strategy, the technical roadmap of the organization or other high priority topics, we find a partner in Alliances Management that knows our industry.” He added that “their responsiveness and their timing on getting things done is exquisite.”

Each interview was coordinated separately, at different times over the past year and without any specific theme or direction. What’s interesting to note as you watch the video, however, is how each of their opinions seem to paint a picture with a common theme: how managing their associations with the help of Alliances Management makes them, well, better.

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